Dr. Loomis began studying stem cells from fat in his cell culture lab in 2005. He has refined his technique by using micro fat grafts which have greater versatility and reliability. Micro fat grafts to have a survial rate of 85% -90% or more. Without this high survival rate, the final contour can be hard to control and there can be problems with lumps or calcifications. The success of fat grafting is very dependent on the expertise of the surgeon.


Before and After

Fat is a normal part of youthful lips, eyes and faces, and as we age, that fat atrophies, so it makes sense to replace fat loss with fat. The area below the eyes becomes more skelentonized, generally producing a dark groove or circle, and cheeks can become sunken in. Lip fat begins to decrease causing a loss of projection and fullness. Fat grafts can fill and rejuvenate these areas and are usually done under local anesthesia in our office..

Fat grafting filled the hollows above this patient's cheek bones.

Dr. Loomis treated this patient's cheek hollows.

Fat gafting to the lips can restore a youthful fullness.