Dr. Mario Loomis

Dr. Mario Loomis, in practice since 1992, received a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Cornell University, then graduated with honors from The University of Vermont College of Medicine. He was trained in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University, and is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a member of The Alpha Omega Alpha Medical honor Society, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He recently served two terms on New York's Empire State Stem Cell Board, which manages New York's 600 million dollar trust fund for stem cell research.

For years, Dr. Loomis had an office on Park Avenue in Manhattan, as well as the office in Middletown, NY, performing a wide range of plastic surgery both in the city and in Orange County. Unfortunately, a bad back now limits his ability to perform larger surgeries, so he is applying his 25 years of surgical experience to exploring and optimizing smaller, in-office procedures under local anesthesia, and non-surgical options for his patients.

Dr. Loomis lives in Orange County, New York, with his wife and four children. In 2008, they received the Knights of Columbus, International Family of The Year award, and were subsequently invited by The Vatican to represent North America at the World Meeting of Families in Mexico City. Up until his recent back problems, he had made annual trips to Nicaragua and Honduras to provide Plastic Surgery free of charge to the poor.

 In his spare time, Dr. Loomis also writes medical thrillers and speculative fiction. Check out his novels, Essence: Assault on the Mind, and Primordium on Facebook.


Why the Nautilus shell?

The Nautilus shell is our logo because within it we find the universal aesthetic unit, or "Golden Ratio," of proportion used by the Ancient Greeks when designing such beauty in art and architecture as The Parthenon. This ratio, 1:1.618, was not an invention of the Greeks, but was recognized by them as a naturally occurring trait of beauty throughout all creation. For example, we find this ratio in beautiful spiral shells and flower designs. A plastic surgeon cannot create beauty any more than the Greeks could invent a new Golden Ratio. What we can do is help restore the beauty of your face which may have been partially dimmed through aging, sun damage or injury. Or we may remove a large distracting bump on your nose, which then focuses attention on the beauty of your eyes or cheeks. We may refine the contour of a hip or fill out a chest to better match the rest of your body. But the beauty lies not so much in the refinement itself, but in its harmony with the rest of your body. With these things in mind, we hope to present and provide our plastic surgery services with humility and honesty.

Stem Cell Research

Adult stem cell research has been an area of interest here at Loomis Plastic Surgery since 2005, exploring the potential use of a patient's own stem cells for tissue replacement and rejuvenation in plastic surgery. Beware of terms like, "stem cell facelift," as these are examples of using "buzz words" and extrapolation from the science to try to sell something. While the science is very exciting and promising, the truth can be stretched at times.

On-site Lab

In 2005, utilizing our on-site cell culture lab, we were able to isolate and culture cells from fat that would otherwise be discarded following liposuction. These cells have been shown by numerous researchers to contain stem cells which may one day be used to treat various medical conditions. In 2010, Dr. Loomis was appointed to the Empire State Stem Cell Board which manages a $600 million dollar trust fund for stem cell research in New York. The experience of isolating and culturing cells from fat in our lab has helped us refine our fat grafting techniques, which have many clinical applications in plastic surgery.

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is like the stem of a tree, it can branch out, becoming different types of cells such as skin, nerve, fat or muscle. It is the ancestor of the specialized cells in our bodies. This ability to become other types of tissues makes them particularly attractive to us in plastic surgery who are always striving to restore what has been lost or damaged by age, disease or trauma.

Two Types 

There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult. Embryonic stem cells are controversial because whether obtained from in-vitro labs, "therapeutic" cloning, or any other source, they always involve the destruction of a living human embryo. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are obtained from the patients themselves or from other sources such as umbilical cord blood or placenta, and so cause no undue harm to any other human being.

Clinical Success Stories

Adult stem cells have already had some remarkable successes. Cells from bone marrow have been used to replace heart muscle after a heart attack; to replace bone loss in the skull, and others have been used to regain nerve function in a paraplegic. For a more thorough listing of the successful treatments that have been achieved with adult stem cells visit stemcellresearch.org.

The Future

With ongoing research, we hope to be able to address many situations in plastic surgery where we are currently limited in our treatment options. One exciting area involves Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells which are cells taken from a patient's skin and then treated to revert back to a stem cell. These cells can then be used in the lab to test different drugs for efficacy prior to using them on the patient. They may also one day be used to restore lost or damaged tissues in the patient from whom they were derived.

Volunteer Surgery

Dr. Loomis has made annual trips to Central America with a surgical team sponsored by Light of the World Charities and The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, providing free surgery to the poor in Honduras. In one week they typically perform 60 operations. Dr. Loomis works primarily on children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and burns.

Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere next to Haiti. A $50.00 donation covers the cost of a child’s surgery. Please contact Light of the World Charities for more information.