Nip in the Bud vs. Nip and Tuck

When is the optimal time to have something done?

Smaller procedures done earlier might help you avoid the need for major procedures down the road.  Botox® not only smooths a frown line, but can also provide a subtle lift to the brows.  Fillers not only soften lines now, but can help keep wrinkle lines from getting deeper over time.  Kybella® done now, can remove the submental fat of a nascent double chin, before it has the chance to get larger and stretch out your neck.  Voluma® can restore the youthful apples of your cheeks, and help hold the soft tissues of your face up where they belong.  Fat grafts under the eyes can keep eyelid skin more youthful, avoiding surgery to remove skin and fat.  Likewise, our intensive skin care protocols can help correct sun damage and keep your skin supple longer.  And if, despite all this, you eventually develop some slight looseness along the jawline, then a mini-lift done under local anesthesia in the office can buy you even more time.  “Less is more,” as they say.