Voluma® Liquid Eye & Cheek Lifts

Voluma® Liquid Lifts are our preferred treatment to correct age-related volume loss around the eyes, midface and cheek.  Voluma® is a long-lasting filler designed for deeper injections in the face.  Rather than fill lines, it lifts and restores youthful fullness.

It also lasts longer–two years in the FDA study.  All patients shown were treated at Loomis Plastic Surgery; not a guarantee of results.

Voluma® addresses some aging concerns that simple tightening of the skin does not help, such as grooves and hollows.  It can provide a more natural rejuvenation to the face, avoiding some of the pulled looks we sometimes see after traditional surgical lifts.  I use it around the eyes to provide a Liquid Eye Lift.

Early in the aging process, many women begin to notice a groove in the front of the cheek that runs up towards the under eye.  This groove, together with a hollowness beneath the cheekbone, is a subtle but powerful sign of aging.  After having Voluma® injections, that sign of aging is lessened.  Many Voluma® patients will also often have Juvederm® injections around the mouth to soften their laugh lines or lift the corners of the mouth.  Juvederm® can also smooth out lip lines and early jowls. Youthful rejuvenation without an artificial, plastic look–isn’t that our ideal goal?

What about safety? 

Safety is a big concern with all fillers, but especially with a filler used anywhere near the eyes.  I prefer a cannula when injecting deeply on the face, both for accurate placement and safety.  With gentle, precise placement, most patients note minimal to no discomfort during the procedure.  Next to safety, the aesthetics of the injection are the most important factor.  I spend as much time analyzing your facial contours as I do injecting the Voluma®.  As I recommend with all cosmetic procedures, check out your injector’s certification.  Also evaluate their artistic and aesthetic eye, by reviewing their previous results.

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