Back Fat Rolls – Losing Them Without Surgery

Back fat can ruin the contour of a nice dress or sweater, persisting despite diet and exercise. These rolls of fat push out under the arm, above the bra, or under the bra, even in women who are close to their ideal weight. Like other areas of unwanted fat, such as the belly, waist, inner and outer thighs, these sites are well-suited for nonsurgical fat reduction. With our two machines and the latest CoolSculpting® technology, treatment of these tough to get spots is better and easier than ever.


Improving the contour of these areas used to involve extensive liposuction with heavy sedation or general anesthesia. We can now use an in-office treatment that freezes the fat without any needles or cutting. Seems ideal, but does it work?

It not only works, I think it can do a better job than liposuction. In my experience, the tough fibrous fat of the back makes it difficult to get a good smooth contour with liposuction. What’s more, in order to reach these areas with liposuction, you need to have heavy sedation or general anesthesia, both of which entail significant risks. If you could do without those risks, why wouldn’t you? In addition, liposuction requires you to wear a tight compressive garment for weeks afterwards, while CoolSculpting® does not.

The treatment is done in the office, while you rest in a comfortable chair. Most patients read, or watch a movie on their phone while it’s going on. I place the CoolSculpting® device on the specific areas that we wish to improve, then, every thirty-five minutes, we move them to other spots. For those annoying back rolls, you’ll lie on your stomach while we get two spots at a time. Whenever we move from spot to spot, you can get up to stretch, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. Usually, within a couple of hours, your back fat sculpting is done!

As easy as it sounds, the assessment, selection, and planning for the treatment is critical, which is why I feel it is best performed by a physician who has treated back fat before–who understands the science of fat, the dynamics of back skin and fascial rolls, and approaches body contouring with an artistic eye–in other words, an aesthetic plastic surgeon.


It seems CoolSculpting® machines are everywhere these days. As with any aesthetic treatment, it behooves patients to do their homework, find a physician who you feel will best assess you, determine if you are a good candidate, and best plan your treatment. CoolSculpting® results on the back can be excellent, but only in the right patients, and in the right hands.

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