nonsurgical fat reduction

What I Would Want

Up to a few years ago, I routinely performed major surgeries lasting three to six hours under general anesthesia. The surgeries were “major” because they did major things, like breast reconstruction, full facelifts, lower body lifts, and tummy-tucks. Then, I developed back problems and could no longer do these long surgeries. But, being forced to focus on minor procedures encouraged me to push the envelope, so to speak, and I found that nonsurgical treatments could do more than I had previously suspected.

When you need major surgery, like I did on my back, it’s great that surgeons are available to do it safely and effectively. But if you could avoid it, who wouldn’t prefer that? I know I would.

We all want to look as good as we feel, but preferably without surgery. By optimizing facial injectables and mini-lifts, I been able to achieve facial rejuvenation without traditional facelift surgery. The results look natural and can even rival full surgical rejuvenations.

As for the body, if you have lost a great deal of weight and have a large amount of loose skin, or a broad hanging “pouch,” you are looking at a classic tummy-tuck. But what if you just have a little bit of skin and fat? In these instances, I now do a “Mini-tuck & Sculpt,” in the office with CoolSculpting® and a skin trim under local anesthesia. The recovery is quicker, the cost less, and it avoids the risks of general anesthesia. It is particularly helpful when you have an indented scar from a previous C-Section or hysterectomy surgery.

CoolSculpting Loomis Plastic Surgery

Obviously, there are limitations to nonsurgical or minimally-invasive options such as these, and I have to tell some patients that what they’re looking for can only be obtained with traditional surgery. But, most of the time, patients are willing to accept a less dramatic change in order to look better without a major undertaking. At the very least, it’s a worthwhile option to explore.

I have a patient who is 101 years old. I stopped by his farm today to check on a skin cancer we were treating at home non-surgically, and found it completely healed! Such a rare house call was a real pleasure–it saved my patient a major outing to the office, and it was a breath of fresh air for me. I left with a bag of produce from his farm, and the satisfaction of having taken care of this good man without putting him through the hassle and pain of surgery. I’m always looking for new ways to avoid surgery. After all, it’s what I would want.

Back Fat Rolls – Losing Them Without Surgery

Back Fat Rolls – Losing Them Without Surgery

Back fat can ruin the contour of a nice dress or sweater, persisting despite diet and exercise. Improving the contour of these areas used to involve extensive liposuction with heavy sedation or general anesthesia, but not anymore. We can now use an in-office treatment that freezes the fat without any needles or cutting.