Smaller procedures done earlier might help you avoid the need for major procedures down the road. Botox® not only smooths a frown line, but can also provide a subtle lift to the brows.  Fillers not only soften lines now, but can help keep wrinkle lines from getting deeper over time.  Kybella® done now, can remove the submental fat of a nascent double chin, before it has the chance to get larger and stretch out your neck. Voluma® can restore the youthful apples of your cheeks, and help hold the soft tissues of your face up where they belong. Fat grafts under the eyes can keep eyelid skin more youthful, avoiding surgery to remove skin and fat.

With our Face Package, we offer multiple facial injectables done at a time, which can save you over $600! Learn more about this and other package specials during a free consultation with Dr. Loomis.


Eyes & upper face

If your eyes make you look tired or angry, it can affect how others see you and interact with you.  Our goal is to make your eyes and upper face reflect the youthful and engaging person you are on the inside.

Improve your lower eyelid grooves, cheek hollows, and frown lines to better reflect the youthful, energetic, and engaging you within.

Lips & Lower Face

Enhance your natural lip curves and fullness, soften cheek and lip lines, and help prevent worsening of wrinkles over time.


Neck & Double Chin

Lose your double chin without surgery!  With precise placement of Kybella®, watch your neck fat melt away.