Coolsculpting® testimonial

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1. Did the concept of plastic surgery without surgery appeal to you?

Absolutely. Having already gone through the arduous healing processes of multiple past surgeries both elective and non, the idea of the "down time"  and the many inconveniences that are caused by actual surgery were the main reasons that I held off for so long considering liposuction. 


2. How long had you been thinking about it?

I had been seriously considering liposuction for approximately 7 years prior to discovering cool sculpting but had always held off because of the "downtime" involved as well as the fear of being put on medications for the pain resulting from the surgery, and all of the side-effects that come along with them.


3. What bothered you, or made you consider plastic surgery treatment?

Between carrying the extra weight after having my daughter, the lack of time and personal trainer needed to truly obtain my desired body goals, and the fluctuations of my health and lifestyle, I knew that plastic surgery was the only way that I could get back my confidence and feel like "myself" again.


4. Did you have any fears or concerns, such as cost, pain, unknowns, etc.?

I had many initial concerns. First and foremost was the concern of the "down time". How long would it be until I was able to resume my normal responsibilities? How long would I have to conceal the procedure with awkward bandages or abnormal clothing. Would I need to subject myself to the many side effects of taking prescription drugs after the procedure?


5. Why did you choose Dr. Loomis?

The reason I decided to choose Dr Loomis and his staff was, after much research and online inquiries (having been a paralegal I leave no stone unturned), I was very confident in both the Dr's abilities, non-aggressive approach and his staff's personable yet very professional demeanor. The incredible natural results, Dr. Loomis' honest beforehand explanations of what to expect with each procedure, and the top notch care the staff has given from booking appointments to checking up on me after the procedure is why I continue to come back and I plan on doing so for many years to come.


6. After your consult, what made you feel comfortable enough to go ahead?

Unlike other consults that seemed to dive into a "more is more" attitude, I found that Dr. Loomis' approach of enhancing the natural beauty and diminishing the negatives through non-invasive procedures with little to no downtime to be exactly what I needed to go ahead and begin treatments. 


7. How did you find the treatment experience?

I found the CoolSculpting® treatments to be much less intensive then even the staff and Dr. had warned of. I actually napped or read through most of my procedures and was literally shopping and running errands following each procedure that day. Then usually the following 2-3 weeks, if I noticed anything, it was that I found the area to be bloated, cool to the touch and occasionally felt a "pins & needles" effect but usually by week 4 I started to see the beginning of the results and the end of any discomfort. By 6 weeks in, the compliments started coming in and it just continued to get better from there. The ease of the treatments and the true satisfaction of the results are why I continued to come back for additional CoolSculpting® to work with each "trouble area" that I felt could benefit from it.


8. What advice would you give to someone having similar considerations?

My first advice that I have already given to multiple family members and friends is this: Don't wait a moment longer. The positive effects of "feeling better about your looks" without any of the complications of surgery far outweigh the cost and minor irritations that come with CoolSculpting®. And, especially if you are looking for a method that transitions your body over a more natural time period, CoolSculpting® is the perfect way to enjoy all of the compliments of your "new workout" without any of the whispers that often come with over-the-weekend results. 

And the second piece of advice that I am always sure to give is this: Please be very aware that, although the procedures themselves are not difficult ones, CoolSculpting® is definitely an art form that requires a lot of medical knowledge and professional forethought and therefore "who" and "where" you decide to do your treatments is much more important than "how much" you spend, "how convenient" the location is or "how many treatments" they say you will require for your desired results.