Facial Enhancements & Minor Surgery Testimonial

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1. Did our nonsurgical options (plastic surgery without surgery) play a significant role in your decision to call a plastic surgeon’s office?  If so, how?

 Yes, I believe minimally invasive procedures are the least stressful to one's body and look the most natural.


2. How long had you been considering it before making the call?

 About 5 years and I'm glad I did.


3. What areas were bothering you?

Facial wrinkles and lines, which makes people look older than they are or worse yet, tired. Also body fat in places it had never been before, even though I work out 5 days a week for many years. Cardio and weight training can't fix everything :)


4. What were your fears or concerns about possible treatments?

 Allergic reactions, paralysis, infection and possible side effects.


5. Why did you choose Dr. Loomis?

I met him 20 years ago at the Horton Hospital Emergency Room late one night when my young child needed facial stitches. I requested a Plastic Surgeon do the work, since the stitches would be on the face. Dr. Loomis did a beautiful job; I was very impressed by his down-to-earth bedside manner and his calm demeanor. I knew in the future, he would be the one I'd call if ever I was going to need a plastic surgeon for myself.


6. After your consult, what made you feel comfortable enough to go ahead?

His down-to-earth bedside manner, calm demeanor, thorough explanation of each procedure. His many years of experience and base of knowledge. I also like that Dr. Loomis is on the conservative side, which ensures he's not going to do something you don't need.


7. How did you find the treatment experience?

First, I'd like to say his staff working with him are all wonderful, welcoming and experienced in each of their respective fields. Dr. Loomis is a pleasure to work with and does beautiful work. I have enjoyed my visits each and every time. 

The Juvaderm®, Voluma®, Botox®, CoolSculpting® treatments and abdominal scar revision were each done on separate occasions, all went smoothly, with good results.  


8. Any comments you would offer someone considering treatment like yours?

Build up your confidence and waylay your fear by picking one procedure for the area that bothers you the MOST and try it - you'll be pleased you did! Then, you won't think twice when you're ready to try another treatment you may have been considering.