I could not be happier with every visit. The service is just wonderful and very experienced in all the procedures. I love going to appointments as everyone is so friendly and caring. I wish more Doctors offices were this great.
Over the last 10-15 years, Dr. Loomis and his staff have always provided me with excellent services. I am extremely confident in their skills and would highly recommend them to my family and friends. The atmosphere and staff at the facility is wonderful!
Just happened on him. He’s absolutely one of the most professional doctors I’ve ever met. He was patient, thoughtful, nerdy, and did a fantastic job. I couldn’t recommend Loomis more highly, and his staff are terrific.


"I found the CoolSculpting® treatments to be much less intensive then even the staff and Dr. Loomis had warned of. I actually napped or read through most of my procedures and was literally shopping and running errands following each procedure that day. Then usually the following 2-3 weeks, if I noticed anything, it was that I found the area to be bloated, cool to the touch and occasionally felt a "pins & needles" effect but usually by week 4 I started to see the beginning of the results and the end of any discomfort. By 6 weeks in, the compliments started coming in and it just continued to get better from there. The ease of the treatments and the true satisfaction of the results are why I continued to come back for additional CoolSculpting® to work with each "trouble area" that I felt could benefit from it."

I go to this office like going home. I love all the girls in the office. Dr. Loomis makes me feel like a queen. Love love love this office.
I had areas of fat on my waist and back that bothered me, even after having a tummy-tuck years earlier. I didn’t want to have any more surgery, so the CoolSculpting was a great option. The areas swelled quite a bit and took several months to come down. I wasn’t even sure if it had done very much, until I went in for before and after photographs. Then I could see the difference and it was really impressive. I think since the swelling goes down so slowly, you end up just noticing what’s still there, and not what’s gone.
I was very comfortable, Dr. Loomis and his staff were excellent explaining my procedure and what to expect after my procedure. I will not hesitate using Dr. Loomis again. I am referring several friends to him.

Facial enhancements & Minor Surgery

"I met [Dr. Loomis] 20 years ago at the Horton Hospital Emergency Room late one night when my young child needed facial stitches. I requested a Plastic Surgeon do the work, since the stitches would be on the face. Dr. Loomis did a beautiful job; I was very impressed by his down-to-earth bed side manner and his calm demeanor. I knew in the future, he would be the one I'd call if ever I was going to need a plastic surgeon for myself."

Dr Loomis and his staff were very friendly as well as professional answer my questions. And made me comfortable before and after procedure.
Dr. Loomis did my breast augmentation 8 years ago, and my breasts still look fantastic. I have a non visible scar(which I don’t even want to call it a scar as you can’t see it), my breasts have a natural shape to them, and feel great. No complications. Wonderful, wonderful Doctor. I highly recommend to anyone in the Hudson Valley.
Dr. Loomis is very calm and gentle and reassuring. He has experience in lipo, tummy tucks, and other major cosmetic surgeries and I have confidence he knows what he is doing. I did not end up pursuing Coolsculpting because I realized it was not the procedure for me, and Dr. Loomis was very respectful of that. I would recommend him on the basis of that alone.